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WaveGuide Networks, Inc. specializes in fiber optic splicing and testing services and provides these services on-site year-round throughout the Pacific Northwest. Including Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.

Even if our equipment is top notch, we are only as good as our employees. Good attitude, clear communications and following thru on a project are our minimum expectations.

Please fill out the following form below prior to the personal interview.

1. What is your Name and telephone number

2. Do you have work experience with fusion splicing?

3. What type (brand) of fusion machine are you most familiar with?

4. Do you have work experience with OTDR testing?

5. What type (brand) of  OTDR's are you most familiar with?

6. Do you have experience with OSP? Have you ever operated a bucket van or lift truck?


7. What companies did you work for in the past? Please include references

8. What attracted your interest to this position?

9. What expectations do you have working with WaveGuide Networks Inc? What valuable skill do you expect to gain from working with our group?

10. What is the most valuable skill that you bring to our group?

11. What have you found to be your most gratifying and frustrating work experiences? How have you dealt with the latter?


12. When are you available for a interview? Please include your telephone contact number to confirm date/time.





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